2022 (USA) 93 minutes

Directed by: Jennifer Tiexiera and Camilla Hall

Unpacking the ethics and responsibility inherent in documentary filmmaking, this powerful rallying cry for the film industry puts some of the most successful documentaries of the past three decades under a microscope, revealing the impact their commercial success has had on the lives of the onscreen participants. Focusing on the present day “stars” of THE STAIRCASE, HOOP DREAMS, THE WOLFPACK, as well as THE SQUARE and CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, this film brings together a plethora of influential names in the doc space—Sonya Childress, Sam Pollard, Thom Powers, Gordon Quinn, and more—who speak to the ethics of documenting people’s trauma. It’s an insightful and satisfying watch that explores the role that festivals and audiences play in supporting today’s unprecedented golden era of documentaries. 

Premiere – 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Director Jennifer Tiexiera and others in attendance

Crystal Bay Casino Crown Room – December 4 – 6:00pm