2023 (USA) 95 minutes

Directed by: Frank Marshall

Frank Marshall’s incisive documentary is a long-overdue tribute
to an icon of journalism, a late-in-life Twitter superstar, a father,
husband, and a voice of reason, compassion, and brilliance: Dan
Rather. To older generations, his name may be synonymous
with quality journalism and stalwart diplomacy, but to younger
audience members unfamiliar with his career, Rather provides
the opportunity to travel back in time through his remarkable
experiences and sharp-witted commentary. From his days
embedded in the Vietnam War to his on-the-ground coverage of
JFK’s assassination to his presence at the foot of the Berlin Wall
as it fell, Dan Rather has reported on an astonishing number of
iconic moments in history. Now, as a 92-year-old reflecting on
seven decades of service and looking to the future of democracy,
we meet a man freed from the auspices of any overarching
network or deadline — a big-hearted human fueled by a tireless
work ethic and dedication to the truth. Sprinkled with deadpan
humor and often with a tear in his eye, Rather narrates the stories
that define both him as a person and our nation’s alternately
shameful and celebratory recent past.

2023 Tribeca Film Festival

Incline Village Cinema – December 3 – 4:00pm