2022 (USA) 82 minutes

Directed by: Ross Hockrow and Tommy Walker

Colin Kaepernick’s personal awakening, as a biracial adoptee raised by white parents, coincided with the growing cultural tensions during the waning years of the Obama presidency. After years of unrest prior to the tragic murder of Philando Castile in 2016, the superstar quarterback began to sit for the national anthem. In an ironic twist, his decision to respectfully kneel at the behest of a veteran teammate transformed a quiet protest into one of the most recognized political statements of our time. Filmmakers Tommy Walker and Ross Hockrow examine the upbringing of the enigmatic athlete, how the fateful protest came to be and why Kaepernick’s decision struck a pivotal nerve with the American populace. With perspectives from media figures, experts, and those close to the inciting protest, the documentary reveals how Kaepernick’s simple act of taking a knee unearthed deep social fractures that have become ever more apparent in the current political zeitgeist. 

2022 Tribeca Film Festival – Official Selection

The Village Cinemas at Northstar – December 4 – 4:00pm

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