2022 (USA) 94 minutes

Directed by: Raphael Sbarge

Four generations of the Laemmle family have dedicated themselves to supporting, encouraging, innovating and elevating the art of filmmaking. Responsible for bringing foreign film to Los Angeles and popularizing countless foreign independent films and their filmmakers, the Laemmle Theatres’ impact on Hollywood and world cinema cannot be overstated. Established in 1938 by two European immigrants escaping World War II—cousins of Hollywood movie mogul Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios – The Laemmle Theaters are an integral part of cinema. With appearances from Cameron Crowe, Ava DuVernay, Nicole Holofcener, James Ivory and Alison Anders. The film is further enhanced with critics, writers, and filmmakers including Edward Goldman, Kevin Thomas, Kenneth Turan, Bruce Joel Rubin plus Leonard Maltin, Ross Melnick, Michael Renov, and Mark Ulano. ONLY IN THEATERS works as both a state-of-industry insight for those with a professional interest, and an irresistible story of an American dynasty and love letter to cinema for a general audience. 

Premiere – 2022 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Village Cinemas at Northstar – December 3 – 4:00pm

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