2022 (USA) 73 minutes

Directed by: Paula Fouce

In Hawaii, a group of Native Hawaiians and conservationists struggle politically to protect the exotic fish being looted from the reefs. Fish species are in crisis worldwide and many are easily being caught using cyanide spray. Turtles, whales, and dolphins are all protected, but not the fish, with many on the verge of extinction. There are 28 million fish in the aquarium trade pipeline at any given time. They undergo bladder piercing, fin cutting and starvation for shipment and reach the mainland either deceased or dying. Some could have lived up to forty years on a reef. The underwater photography off the Hawaiian coast is stunning in this documentary – it’s as if one were scuba diving or snorkeling.

The Village Cinemas at Northstar – December 4 – 2:35pm. This film is part of a Double Feature which includes THE FLAGMAKERS

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