2023 (USA) 89 minutes

Directed by: Tom Donahue

There is perhaps no more polarizing subject in American politics than the discussion around how to resolve our issues of gun violence and gun control throughout the country. An all-out war between rural vs. urban, left vs. right, and red states vs. blue states has been waged by politicians, lobbyists, and media outlets intent on making their point of view heard and felt — yet the country is no closer to finding a middle ground. “The Great Divide” takes on the hot-button topic by examining the origins of violence in America, from its roots in slavery and Native American genocide to the modern-day epidemic of mass shootings. The so-called red flag laws, also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders, allow the state to restrict access or even remove firearms from people deemed a risk by “family or household member or a law enforcement officer established by clear and convincing evidence that a person poses a significant risk to self or others by having a firearm in his or her custody.”

2023 Aspen Film Festival
2023 RiverRun Film Festival

Incline Village Cinema – December 2 – 4:00pm