2020 (MEXICO) 86 minutes

Directed by: Michel Franco

One of the most expressive and versatile filmmakers in contemporary Latin American cinema, Michel Franco electrified audiences at the Venice Film Festival and left with the Silver Lion (Grand Jury Prize). New Order offers a vision of a world in which enormous class differences lead to riots, killings, and kidnappings on a massive scale. Pushed to the margins of society, people take up arms and opt for ruthless revenge. Franco’s film is a brutal, shocking, and perfectly staged thriller. The most striking thing about the director’s vision is that we are dealing not with a baseless fantasy but a highly probable vision in the near future. Perhaps in some parts of the world such horrors are already the order of the day. 

Won – Silver Lion – Grand Jury Prize – Venice Film Festival
Won – Stockholm Film Festival
Won – Ariel Awards – Mexico
Nominated – Brussels International Film Festival
Nominated – Chicago International Film Festival

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