Other Side of the Wind (USA) 2018

Other Side of the Wind (USA) 2018

The Other Side of the Wind (USA) 2018

Directed by: Orson Welles

Has there ever been a film that die-hard film buffs have waited to see – and despaired of ever seeing – for longer than Orson Welles’ The Other Side of the Wind? It’s been 48 years since the then 55-year-old enfant terrible began shooting his self-produced portrait of an old Hollywood pro (played by none other than John Huston) confronting the New Hollywood (represented in the cast by Peter Bogdanovich, Paul Mazursky, Henry Jaglom and others) along with old cronies at his 70th birthday party. Welles didn’t live to complete it, but the happy surprise is that not only has the film been finished, but it can now be appreciated for what is is: a thematic bookend to Citizen Kane as well as the stylistic inverse of it. Sardonic, skeptical and vibrant, the film is both a bold challenge and a cinematic elixir. Cinema lovers from around the world have been waiting to see this movie for more than 40 years!

122 minutes

Venice Film Festival – Winner – Campari Passion for the Cinema Award